Burlap and Bees


Luxury business gifts for the most discerning recipients

Business gifts for your VIP clients, employees, and events.  The perfect gift at the right time in a thoughtful way can go a long way in building relationships, growing your business, and showing gratitude. It's not always easy to know what that perfect gift is or to have time to package it nicely and deliver it in a timely manner. That's where we step in.   We source the gift(s), package them up nicely, add in your sentiment, card or even a marketing piece if you'd like and we ship it off for you.

Pick from suggested ensembles or let us know what you have in mind and we can source it for you. For single recipients, a select few of your VIPs or events in the thousands, we can help you with custom, personlized gifts and gift services.

Holiday gift giving

Thank you gifts

Affiliate partner gifts


Support gifts

Events and retreats

Hotel welcome packages

International and travel

Anniversary and birthdays

We've been involved in Corporate Gift Giving for almost twenty years and retail gifts for ten. Our expertise is in Business Gifts, Briefing Programs, Trade Shows, International, VIP, and Executive Gifts. Our focus is custom, unique, personalized, high-end, and often includes being earth friendly whether in the ingredients or reusable packaging.

Topic expert and speaker in the areas of Branding, International Business Gift Giving, Gift Leveling, and ROI. Our experience allows us to play a Consultative Role in your VIP Gift Program.

Let us know what you need and we will let you know  how we can help.

Your prospects will appreciate the lovely San Francisco Soap mini-lotion that you added to their Swag Bag or welcome box.  Something thoughtful and unique for under $2.

Add some bling to a functional item like a water bottle or tote bag and your brand will be seen over and over again for under $10.